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[It had been a day; first some megalomaniac had tried to use his ability to manipulate water to drown the entirety of Opal City in ocean water, and then Apollo had to fistfight a rogue mage in some Shadow World, which had been about as pleasant as the name suggests. Now that he's home he wastes no time in peeling his thin uniform off his body, casually draping it over the lip of the hamper basket, as he moves through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Vanyel doesn't seem to be home yet, either held up on campus or doing some last minute errands, so he should have time to dip into the shower for a quick clean up. The hot water does magic on his tense and weary muscles. He might not experience physical exhaustion much anymore, but the mental exhaustion is there, and there's something about water that just seems to ease everything away.

But even with his head under the waterfall of the shower head, he hears when the door to their apartment opens, signaling the return of his boyfriend. He shuts the water off to be heard.]

Van? You wouldn't believe the day I've had.

[Dragging the shower curtain back, he reaches for the towel hanging nearby.]
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"You've reached Andrew Pulaski. Sorry that I'm not available now. Please leave your name and a short message and I'll get back to you when I can."

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